Healthcare Organization Services

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, one thing is certain: moving quickly on marketplace opportunities is crucial for the success of every institutional provider.

But that is easier said than done. Anticipating regulatory, reimbursement and legal requirements; understanding the dynamics of local, regional and niche markets; negotiating with physicians and payers; and forecasting financial implications of business strategies are just a few of the issues hospitals and systems need to address - - all while maintaining operations with staff resources already spread too thin.

Using a pragmatic, hands-on approach, our expert team of professionals helps institutions stay ahead of the market and benefit from change, securing success well into the future. Drawing on more than three decades of experience, Practical Healthcare Solutions will help you compete by:

  • defining strategic alternatives
  • pursuing business opportunities
  • supporting business growth
  • maximizing profits

At PHS, we have the expertise to help institutional providers achieve the desired outcome and to realize their full potential.

Whether it's analysis, planning or implementation, PHS brings creativity, responsiveness and an outcomes-focused approach to every opportunity. Our regional and national expertise and scope of knowledge spans the range of business decisions faced by institutions of all sizes and specialties. We can address the following issues:

Medical Staff Relationships and Alignment Strategies 
With vast experience helping physician practices grow and prosper, the PHS team has keen insight into both the business and personal needs of doctors, providing valuable perspective to institutions in managing their medical staff.

We facilitate employment contracts, conduct analytics for supporting competitive and regulatory compliant physician compensation and incentive programs, establish co-management agreements with affiliated specialty medical staff, design and implement gainsharing programs, and provide recommendations for strengthening individual practices throughout a system. We are specialists in group practice formation, transition planning for near-retirement physicians and the design and improvement of residency programs. We also conduct business valuations and practice evaluations to determine the value and potential of practices.

Market/Product Line Initiatives 
Reorganizing around product and market segments is key to gaining a competitive edge. But how do you maximize current resources, determine geographic sites, establish referral streams, and identify market opportunities? PHS’ experience in product line development and management ranges from the individual hospital to national, multi-hospital systems, covering nearly every clinical area, from the emergency room to ambulatory surgery centers, from cardiology to oncology, and from child and maternal health to geriatric services.

Strategic Alliances 
Autonomy is the buzzword of old. Today, affiliation is an important pathway to survival, expanding market opportunities, enhancing service, and improving the bottom line. But how do you identify the best opportunities, determine a structure to meet common goals and ensure a healthy financial future? And once the decision is made to affiliate, how do you make it happen? With PHS’ hands-on approach, we can help you sort through the options, identify and resolve the complex issues, and see the new organization through to its realization.

Business Growth/Profitability Enhancements 
As the organization grows, operational and management infrastructures are needed to support the business. How do you make the most of current staff? What technology will help you operate most efficiently? Are there opportunities to systematize business development across the system? These are just a few of the issues we can help you assess to maximize revenues and build the business successfully.

When you work with PHS, you're working with a highly experienced consulting team that knows the market, has a demonstrated track record, and rolls up its sleeves to develop and implement practical, profitable solutions.

Medical Staff Resource Planning and Development 
Whether you have already assembled a primary care base, are looking to further enhance one, or need to bolster specialty practice resources in growing markets, PHS can help. PHS can assess the adequacy and distribution of your medical staff, recruit and create win-win relationships with physicians on and off staff.