1. David Neely, Esq. – Goldberg, Kamin and Garvin
    Edward Beamon vs. Ohio Valley Hospital (Ohio matter)
    RE: Plaintiff case in connection with standards of care and protocols in the Hospital’s operating room.
  1. Daniel McKinnon, Esq. – McKinnon and Harwood
    Joseph Rossi vs. St. Joseph’s Health Services (New Jersey matter)
    RE: Plaintiff case regarding wrongful treatment of patient in hospital during and after gastric bypass surgery.
  1. Sandro Polledri, Esq. – Genova, Burns & Vernoia
    Kalko vs. JFK Medical Center, et al. (New Jersey matter)
    RE:Defense case pertaining to appropriateness of physician suspension and impact of suspension on current and future earnings.
  1. Steve Annand, Esq. – Cochran Law Firm
    Gibson vs. HMO –Amerigroup  (District of Columbia matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case pertaining to physician credentialing and sexual misconduct.
  1. Harry Oxman, Esq. – Oxman & Kuritz
    Deborah Davis vs. Suresh Wable, MD, Frankford Healthcare System, (Pennsylvania matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case pertaining to delay in diagnosis and treatment owing to non compliance with Joint Commission standards and hospital administrative policies and procedures.
  1. Patricia Raymond, Esq. – Raymond & Raymond
    Birriel vs. Norwegian American Hospital et al. (Illinois matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case related to untimely patient transfer in conjunction with Joint Commission requirements.      
  1. Richard Galex, Esq. – The Galex Law Firm
    Mr. I. Dabit vs. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (New Jersey matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case related to initial and ongoing inadequate credentialing of physician.
  1. Patricia Herr, Esq. – Post & Schell, PC
    Hope v. Greenberg, MD (Pennsylvania matter)
    RE: Defense case regarding the provision of clinical test results to ordering physician.
  1. Jane Triche, Esq. – The Triche Law Firm
    Gary Holmes vs. Tulane University Hospital and Clinic (Louisiana matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case regarding emergency room protocols for communicating patient results.
  1. Michael Baxter, Esq. – Billing, Cochran, Lyles, Mauro & Ramsey, P.A
    Lowden vs. Good Samaritan Medical Center (Florida matter)
    RE:Defense case regarding compliance with standards for reporting radiology test results to the ER and other ordering physicians.
  1. Daniel Zehner, Esq. – Daniel A. Zehner, Attorney at Law
    Ruth E. McQuilken vs. Memorial Hospital of Salem County (Delaware matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case pertaining to appropriate method of transferring patient from the hospital operating room table to a recovery bed.
  1. Scott Halloin, Esq. – Halloin, Mallery & Zimmerman
    Radiology Associates of Milwaukee vs. Koehne Billing (Wisconsin matter)
    RE: Defense case regarding identification of economic damages associated with faulty billing   company practices.
  1. Robert Lopez, Esq. – Wolf, Block, Schorr, Solis-Cohen
    Barry Zadeh, MD vs. Summit Bank (Pennsylvania matter)
    RE: Conducted valuation of a physician’s interest in a cardio-thoracic surgical practice as part of defense representation of physician.
  1. Michael Trachtman, Esq. – Powell Trachtman, et al.
    Mollick-Fitzgerald vs. Giuffrida (Pennsylvania matter)
    RE: Defense case pertaining to compliance with restrictive covenant agreement and related analysis of lost practice revenues.
  1. Jeffrey Albert, Esq. – McKissock & Hoffman
    RE:Defense case regarding refutation of physician claim that media publicity was principal cause cause of practice demise. Defended patient (and her attorney) who appeared locally and              nationwide on television.
  1. Susan Burns, Esq. – Genova, Burns & Vernoia
    Stevens vs. Seton Hall, et al. (New Jersey matter)
    RE: Defense case regarding termination from physician residency program; economic loss calculation and alternative position/compensation analyses
  1. Joanne Pollak, Esq. – Piper & Marbury
    PRMC vs. Atlantic General Hospital (Maryland
    RE: Defense case regarding economic and business analysis of impact of newly proposed hospital.
  1. Richard Tubiolo, Esq. – Hirsch and Tubiolo, P.C.
    Stefanich vs. Empire Blue Cross (New York matter)
    RE:Defense case pertaining to accuracy and appropriateness of physician coding and billing.
  1. Mark Marotta, Esq. – Kelly, Kelly & Marotta
    Rigby vs. Hackensack Medical Center (New Jersey matter)
    RE:Plaintiff case regarding analysis of appropriateness of hospital billing procedures and reasonableness of patient bill.
  1. James J. McCarthy, Esq. – McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C.
    Khalil vs. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. (Pennsylvania matter)
    RE: Plaintiff case regarding implications of improper reporting of malpractice case to the National Practitioner’s Data Bank.
  1. Scott Robelen, Esq.- Bailey and Galyen, PC
    Garza vs. Permian Regional Medical Center (Texas matter)
    RE: Plaintiff case regarding failure of hospital to have an appropriately trained OB back-up for a scheduled complicated induction of labor.
  1. Daniel J. O’Brien, Esq.- White and Williams
    Edward Morris vs. Shore Memorial Hospital (New Jersey matter)
    RE: Plaintiff case regarding proper reporting of critical value results of diagnostic imaging findings consistent with American College of Radiology guidelines and hospital policies and procedures.
  1. Phillip Wallace, Esq.-Grower Ketchum
    Penney vs. Florida Deland Hospital (Florida matter)
    RE: Defense case regarding hospital utilization of locum tenens physicians to ensure appropriate coverage of needed community specialty clinical services.   
  1. James J. Pieper, Esq.- Litvak & Trifiolis, PC
    Levy vs. St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Hospital Center (New Jersey matter)
    RE: Plaintiff case regarding unsupervised care of an at-risk patient contributing to patient avoidable fall. and related injuries.
  1. Gretchen Randall, Esq.- Neubert, Pepe & Monteith PC
    Defrancesco vs. Stamford Health System (Connecticut matter)
    RE: Defense case regarding hospital staffing of its cardiovascular surgical program and the timeliness of patient transfer to a higher level of care.